Tips for Hiring and Retaining Quality Digital Media Staff

Recruiting the best employees is one of the most important and yet the toughest tasks in an organisation. This is especially so in the case of the digital media industry, where digital talent is in high demand, thus forcing organisations to fight for whatever scarce skills that are available on the market – more info here. Therefore, if you are hiring digital media staff, you must up your game so that you can be able to land the best digital talent on the market. Below is a look at some top tips on how you can hire the best employees for your organisation.

1. Advertise your job openings properly

One of the main areas where employers fail when recruiting employees is advertising for a vacancy. Many employers make mistakes such as failing to describe the position adequately or not publicising it enough. As a result, the advert only reaches a few qualified candidates or reaches the wrong candidates. Therefore, in order to ensure that you hire the best talent, you should start by preparing a great job advert where you describe the position correctly, chose an appropriate method of responding to the advert, and then advertising the position effectively on multiple platforms. This will help to ensure that your advert reaches many candidates who are qualified for the job.

2. Embrace social media

Social recruitment is one of the hottest trends right now when it comes to hiring top talent and with good reason – it provides you with a wide reach as well as access to many qualified candidates from all over the world. Therefore, if you are looking to hire the best digital marketing staff, you might want to consider using social media as a tool for advertising and recruiting employees. You can also use social media to engage with potential candidates, where you can learn important details about them that can help you decide if they are a right fit for your organisation.

3. Make use of video recruitment

With organisations fighting for the best talent on the market, new recruitment trends that are designed to attract the best job candidates are bound to emerge. An example of such a trend is the use of recruitment videos when advertising job position. The great thing about recruitment videos is that it increases the targeting, especially with the increasing popularity of videos when compared to all other types of data. In addition, using recruitment videos allows you to show prospective candidates what it feels like to work in your organisation by giving them a feel of your company culture and the work environment.

4. Use a reliable recruitment agency

Using recruitment agencies is not a new thing in hiring, but it is one of the most effective ways of recruiting staff. With most recruitment agencies now having migrated to the digital world where they use online resources to advertise job positions and recruit employees for their clients, this trend is not likely to die out anytime soon. Therefore, if you are planning to hire employees, you should consider using the services of a reliable recruitment company, such as Sphere Digital Recruiters in London, which will help you to reach many prospective candidates with the right qualifications.

Using a recruitment company to hire digital media staff also helps you to save a lot of time and money, as the company will take care of all the hiring tasks, from advertising the position to receiving applications, screening the candidates, short-listing qualified candidates, and even conducting interviews.

5. Improve your interview process

The interview process is one of the most important stages of recruitment, as you can be able to weed out the undesirable talent, leaving you only with the best talent for the job you are offering. Therefore, you should improve your interview process to ensure that you are able to notice the best candidates. You can do this by:

– Setting aside adequate time for the interviews

– Assembling a great team of interviewers who will be able to spot the right candidates

– Asking the right questions during the interview process

– Observing the candidates’ behaviour and personality when interviewing them

Retaining your talent

Hiring great talent is only the first step in the recruitment process. If you want your organisation to benefit from the talent you have hired, you must be able to motivate the employees you have hired to stay. This is achieved by implementing good employee retention tactics, outlined by recruitment expert Ed Steer, such as:

1. Provide great employee benefits

Employee benefits are one of the best ways of retaining the talent you have hired. Having good employee benefits helps to keep your employees happy, thus providing them with a great incentive to stay in your organisation. They also help to raise the employee morale, which helps to improve performance. In addition, a company with good employee benefits helps to attract the best talent on the market, here’s a good example; you are more likely to receive applications from the best talent on the market if your employee perks are great.

2. Cultivate good leaders

Good leadership is another great way of helping to retain the employees you have recruited, as it helps to turn your organisation into a professional working place where the best talent will be happy to work. In addition, having great leaders on your team will help to guide the new employees on how to best develop their careers.

3. Create career development opportunities

Career progression is one of the main employee retention strategies, as it helps to make the employees feel that their career is progressing in a positive direction. Therefore, if you want to hire and retain the best digital talent, you should implement a clear, simple, and achievable career progression plan.

4. Give out meaningful assignments

Every employee wants to feel that they are doing something they love, and chances are that most of them will start running away if they feel the work is boring or not challenging enough. Therefore, you should assign your employees with meaningful assignments that make them feel challenged and valued.


With digital marketing skills currently on a very high demanding, finding the best digital marketing staff for your organisation is not an easy thing. However, with the above tips, you can be able to find, attract, and recruit the best digital media talent on the market, even with big corporations fighting to get the best talent first. You can also be able to improve your employee retention capabilities, thus ensuring that you benefit from the hired talent.